Actuator with fieldbus interfaces

Fieldbus interfaces for AUMATIC AC:Profibus DP-V0 and Profibus DP-V1 (option),Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus. Fieldbus interfaces for AUMA MATIC AM:Profibus DP-V0 and Profibus DP-V1 (option), Modbus RTU, Interbus S. Transmission media:RS-485 (Profibus and Modbus),Fibre optics in line, star and redundant ring topology (Profibus and Modbus), CAN (DeviceNet),IEC 61158 (Foundation Fieldbus). Data interfaces for net data transmission: OPEN-STOP-CLOSE control, Set point control via three-position controller (option),Set point control via PID process controller (option for AUMATIC), Approaching of up to 8 intermediate positions (option for AUMATIC). Data interfaces for diagnosis and maintenance: Access to operating data of the actuator (via Profibus DP-V1), Access to the electronic name plate of the actuator (via Profibus DP-V1)

Transmission media:RS-485 (Profibus and Modbus)
Fibre optics in line, star and redundant ring topology (Profibus and Modbus)
CAN (DeviceNet)
IEC 61158 (Foundation Fieldbus).
Elements integrated into the process control system: EDD (Electronic Device Description) for Simatic PDM (Process Device Manager), DTM (Device Type Manager) for process control systems with FDT 1.2 interface, SIMA master station.